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There has been an amazing number of scientists from a wide range of fields posting what they do using the “Up-Goer Five Text Editor.”  The editor only allows you to use the thousand most common English words to try and describe anything.  The concept was inspired by the create comic XKCD, which attempted to describe how a Saturn Five rocket worked using the same constrictions.

Anne & Chris have assembled a wide variety of these attempts at Ten Hundred Words of Science.  I’m a bit late to the carnival, but my first attempt during breaks from teaching yesterday seems to have magically disappeared from my computer.  Oh well, here’s attempt number two:

I help students learn how to study all types of rocks. The rocks tell us story about how the world works. We study rocks close to us, in far places, and in space. We also study how water, ice, humans, trees, and animals change the rocks. Most of my students will only take one class about rocks, so I try to give them understanding of how the world works for every day things.

While my students study all rocks, my own interest is in rocks that were made warmer or pressed deep under the ground. What is in rocks will change if they are cold or warm or hot and whether they were pressed a little or a lot. Time is also important for how the rocks will change. Looking at the new rocks can help tell the story of how one place changed over time.

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What my students discovered for news:

Ok, time to grade more exams.   Fun.   Only a few days to India!

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This is the week right before spring break, so I’ve fallen behind a bit in posting while I was distracted by writing a few exams.   I’m going to India starting on Saturday, so I hopefully can catch up (if not get a bit ahead!) this week.

News stories:

(The impact story was popular as was the Titan story–both had multiple summaries.)

I should get the my physical geology’s summary up later today.

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(now that I’ve graded the solar system summaries, its time to tackle physical geology)

The most popular article this week was about the earthquake in Missouri, in case you were wondering 🙂

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Its been a busy week, so I’m a bit late getting this compiled.   I’ll try to get the geology news from Physical done shortly after this is posted.


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(the fire alarm went off at 4.15 & 5.10 this morning, so please excuse weird spelling / grammar mistake — I’ll try to catch them)

What my students selected:


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A bit dated, but here’s the list of what my students found:

My hope is now that exams are over for the moment, I can get back on top of reporting these in a more timely fashion.

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