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(Friday, Saturday and Monday‘s links.)

Last update: 20.00 CST, 15. March 2011

Teaching resources:

Scientific data:

images / video:

affecting other things:

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(More links for my students.   Yesterday’s post.)

Last updated: 14.30 CST, 12. March 2011

Scientific data:



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(Collection of links for my students including those I used for lecture 11. March.   I started a new page for 12. March.)

Updated: 23.00 CST, 11. March 2011

Geophysical data on the earthquake:

Tsunami scientific information:

Video of Japan:

Pictures in Japan:

Tsunami-related pictures outside of Japan:

Some sources you may find useful, but I’m not using in class:

SERC links for tsunamis & earthquakes:

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