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Anne is doing a fairly good, detailed job on a day in her life.   I think I’m going for the bullet points version.

Monday, 0.00 – still awake waiting for the darn German cheesecake to bake, still I failed to start it until after the 7 1/2 hours of grading the intro students news journal submissions (all 70 of them)

Monday, 1.00 – oven finally buzzed, so just another 15 minutes until I can pull the cake onto the cooling rack and go to bed; final check of email & a few answers to confused students

Monday 7.00 – alarm, which guilts me into actually getting up, eating breakfast, and heading to work.   Drove (5 min) instead of walked (15 min) due to the cake.

Monday 8.00 – check email, which has magically produced a number of more confused student emails since 1.00.   Answer what I can, file what is simply ranting.   Start to lay out the mineralogy exam (which I need thin sections for) that will start at 10.30

Monday 9.00 – 2nd student of the day appears to ask for help with the assignment due at noon.   spends >65 minutes working in my lab space with occasional help from me to finally finish what is due, but she gets a pass due to the fact English is not her first language.   Several petrology students appear to ask questions about the exam at 10.30

Monday 10.00 – ack!  haven’t printed the darn mineralogy exams.   Still answering panicky emails about the assignment due at noon.

Monday 10.30 – run back to my office to get paper so the petrology students have something to write their answers on for the mineralogy exam.   a blessed hour of relative peace as I finally check the blogosphere (which I’ve ignored since Saturday) for the first time that day while proctoring the exam.   start my other blog post for the day.   no time for any news sites or facebook.   Cake was a hit.

Monday 11.30 – pushing two students to finish their mineralogy exam so I can get to the junior research meeting relatively on time.   Meeting doesn’t run long (cake again a hit), so I consider putting together a few slides about the assignment due at noon.

Monday, 12.00 – just opened up my email when Julie (dept chair) comes by and asks if I want to have lunch.   Much needed food vs. email–food wins.   Sat with a group of older, male faculty members who were discussing landlines vs. cell phones and the impact that choice will have on society.   Drifts into a discussion of facebook.   Turnover at the table leads to a discussion of appropriate vs. inappropriate children’s books.

Monday, 13.00 – back in office madly trying to put together a few powerpoint slides about the assignment that had been due at noon.

Monday, 13.15 – head over to my large lecture hall to set up.   Entire electric system in the room is non-functioning.   Luckily, computer services is across the hall (though they didn’t believe me at first and just sent someone over to show me the right button to push).   Fifteen minutes of considering whether I can do the lecture old school on the chalkboard.

Monday, 13.30 – replacement of a faulty cable and magically I’m back to the 21st century and using powerpoint.   start of class with a short discussion of the assignment due at noon and then went back to talking about how the universe & planet were formed.   class is responsive, so I don’t think I’ve lost their interest yet.

Monday, 14.30 – class is over, but several students have questions about the past due assignment.   Several have even brought their computers.   Discover two issues are actually in the realm of computer services and point out to the rest what they were missing.   Back to office to find that our departmental worker needs something to do (Julie is working and Laura is missing), so I point her towards the sticky pieces of halite (we had a leak in the mineralogy lab last week).   Discover that the leak has returned, so go through the college directory to find the appropriate people to call since our secretary is gone this afternoon.   Get asked by physical plant if its the autoclave on the floor above, but I don’t have a key to get into chem rooms.   They’ll send someone by.

Monday, 15.30 – pay the bills that have been sitting on my desk for a week.   whoops, several are getting towards the late end of things.   check email again, but there’s a relative calm since all the due dates are past.   check twitter and see that I’ve missed a few silly things.   finish my blog post.   read a few blog posts.

Monday, 16.00 – Julie comes in to say she’s leaving.   Laura leaves 5 minutes later, so I’m the last man standing.   Geology major I don’t know pops in to talk a bit about some of the things he ran into yesterday with some of his friends who are in my intro class.

Monday, 16.30 – Write this post.   Still haven’t sent Tom Foster the update I promised him hours ago.   Don’t really have any brain cells left to write it, so I think I’ll go home, go for a walk in the gorgeous weather, and then write the summary to send.   Wonder if I have any milk in the house.   Still haven’t checked facebook or my other twitter account or my various relatives blogs.   Or the news.


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