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In case you did not submit an abstract to the Northeastern / North-central GSA (20. – 22. March) meeting in Pittsburgh in March, the technical schedule has now been posted & emails were sent out.   I enjoy NEGSA because its on a more intimate scale than either AGU or the national GSA meeting, the usual abundance of very good Appalachian tectonics / petrology / structure sessions, and the rows on rows of undergraduate research posters.

Callan has already started picking out a few talks that may be interesting.   I’m more at the sessions that may be cool stage as I also consider when I’m going to fly out & back.   Ones that have sparked my interest:

In addition, there are a number of public outreach and undergraduate education sessions that I’ll drift through.

Last year, I augmented by conference-fun by also participating in a two-day field trip across the Valley & Ridge (which Callan live-blogged starting here & summarized here [links to his old blog]).   I considered doing the same this year, but having previously lived in western PA, nothing really struck my fancy from the list.

I am hoping to participate in a SERC Designing GIS and Remote Sensing course, modules, and activities for teaching geoscience students 1-day workshop pre-meeting, but won’t hear back till February from those guys.   The application deadline for that workshop was just extended to 1. February, so please consider applying if GIS / Remote Sensing is your thing.

All in all, looks like I’m going for the whole meeting this year.


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