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I'm a hard rock geology professor at a small Minnesota liberal arts college. After attending a brand-name college in New England, I moved onto a state-run Midwest university for my master's and PhD. I've taught at a regional state university, a different brand-name college, a small regional college, and now a midwestern liberal arts college. As a hard rocker, I've taught mineralogy, petrology, and structural geology as well as the typical intro classes. If you want to contact me, please email me at planelight at gmail dot com. To follow the lead of others, here is my general disclaimer: All opinions contained within this blog are my own and do not reflect thought's of my employer, advisers, students, or the Spaghetti God. All text, images, and diagrams contained within this blog are mine and must be properly cited if used. If I use any external information, I will cite it and then you should go to the original source for your own edification. The internet is a wonderful source of information--but don't believe everything you click on!

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