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(now that I’ve graded the solar system summaries, its time to tackle physical geology)

The most popular article this week was about the earthquake in Missouri, in case you were wondering 🙂


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Its been a busy week, so I’m a bit late getting this compiled.   I’ll try to get the geology news from Physical done shortly after this is posted.


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(the fire alarm went off at 4.15 & 5.10 this morning, so please excuse weird spelling / grammar mistake — I’ll try to catch them)

What my students selected:


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The students are definitely getting up to speed on these short writing assignments.   Its amazing how their writing improves over such a short period of time if they know they’re going to be graded on it 🙂

The stories chosen:


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My PowerPoint lecture notes started coming together when I taught for the first time back in 01-02.   At that point, textbooks did not give you access to digital versions of their figures, so I spent quite a bit of time cruising the internet looking for appropriate pictures & diagrams.   Quite a number of those original photos had sketchy to nonexistent place labels.   Over the years, I’ve replaced tons of these photos with ones I’ve taken, digital figures from textbooks, and just better random images from the internet.   I try hard to know where the image was taken, since the students seem to enjoy knowing that this one is from Hawaii or that one is from Mt. Etna.

This morning, I was going through my volcanoes lecture and one of the cinder cone pictures has a comment on it of “Mauna Loa? Haleakala? Somewhere completely different?”   Amazingly enough, the original image is still up on the web, but there’s no obvious label on it.   I believe it used to be labeled Haleakala, but all the other pictures on the page were from the Big Island & its url has “Maun” at the end, so I was skeptical about the label.   Can someone help me out?   Have you seen this place “live”?

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A bit dated, but here’s the list of what my students found:

My hope is now that exams are over for the moment, I can get back on top of reporting these in a more timely fashion.

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I’m finding it fascinating to see what my students dig up that relates to my Solar System class — I’m so used to the articles about earthquakes, volcanoes, and flooding, that I’m enjoying the change of pace.

Off to inform my physical class how they did on Monday’s exam (yes, I’m the crazy person who chose to give both my classes exams this week…).   Wailing & gnashing will soon begin.

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